Jack Graney

Blue Hen Fitness

App Strategy and Design

As part of project to identify opportunities to increase wholistic fitness among University of Delaware students, my team proposed an app that promotes and facilitates physical and social fitness.  Using principals and strategies from group fitness research, sociology, and public health initiatives, we designed a product that encourages students to come together and exercise in a social context.

My Role: Research, Ideation, Design

Timeframe: Aug 2016 - Dec 2016  (5 months)

Project Type: Exercise Science Research Project X Personal Design Project



How should UD prepare students for a life of fitness?

Fitness: a balanced set of physical, mental, emotional and social abilities used throughout life to satisfy life’s basic needs and to thrive. Fitness includes those abilities that promote a person’s capacity to adapt to new circumstances and to handle life’s challenges with stamina and grace. Fitness can also be used to describe a community, in which the abilities of the individual members contribute to a collective well-being and allow the community to thrive.



Research Question

How might we enable UD students to increase there fitness in the long term?


  1. Learn how students percieve the concept of fitness
  2. Find out students' current fitness solutions and practices

Online Survey

Convience sample of University of Delaware students, stratefied by major of study. 


Semi-Structured Interviews

Subset of online survey participants.

More students would be active on campus if they knew about all the fitness resources available to them.
Going to the gym with friends can help improve my social relationships while increasing my motivation to stay active.


We reviewed two categories of existing solutions, personal and coorporate. For personal solutions we reviewed mobile health and fitness applications. For coorporate solutions we reviewed various cooporate health programs and on-campus resources.



Value Proposition: Fitness app with accompanying program will increase fitness, health, and active engagement of the student body and staff by providing a motivational platform in which to measure activity, incentive, and health educational tools/support. 






Wireframing + User Flow




Initial set-up

Begin fitness inventory by indicating interests, strengths, and weaknesses in physical, mental, social, and emotional fitness. 




Profile page contains your activity statistics, it also shows your friends and groups that you are in. The settings page is accessed via the profile page. The settings allow you to control notification settings, adjust interests, and manage fitness goals. 




The dashboard is the home page for the app. There are suggested activities as well as your favorite activities shown. Search has a database of fitness activities, club events, fitness classes, intermurals, and more. Clicking on an event shows you details of that event and prompts you to invite friends/groups to join you at the event. The upper right hand corner has a inbox showing  pending invitations to events. 




The feed page has a map showing current available events. Bellow the map, there is a feed of your friends’ recently completed events. You can like and interact with your friend’s posts. 


Adobe XD Prototype